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Personal & Group trainer
Exercising is fun, not hard!

RSU 1.līmenis “Veselības sporta speciālists ” No 2022 mācos RSU programma “Fizioterapija”


Functional training, training for beginners and seniors, mobility.

Personal & Group trainer

Coach leading the workouts:

Booty builder

This is a strength workout designed to strengthen the muscles of the buttocks and legs.

Full body circles

Training takes place on the principle of a circle: you move in a circle through exercise “stations” and during a certain time interval perform physical exercises for specific muscle groups.

Rock ‘n’ core

This is an energetic and non-boring workout for the whole body, designed to strengthen the core muscles, abdomen, buttocks and back. All exercises can be easily modified to suit your fitness level.

Functional workout
Lemon Core

A low-intensity class for strengthening the abdominal, back, thigh and gluteal muscles. The class is suitable for everyone with any physical fitness.

Lemon Power

An exciting class of medium and high intensity for strengthening the muscles of the entire body.

Push Your Limits Up

Functional strength training develops physical fitness, during which all muscle groups work intensively.

Dance Fit

A workout that combines dance and aerobic items to strengthen all muscle groups. The result is better posture, cardiovascular health, metabolism, and a leaner body.


An intense strength training session designed to develop and tone key muscle groups. During it, additional equipment is used – special sticks, weights, balls, and “step” platforms.

Stretch & Balance

Stretching and recovery training, during which the muscles and ligaments of the whole body are functionally relaxed and regenerated.


This is a workout whose purpose is to harmonize body and mind, reduce physical and mental tension, and activate deep muscles.



A full-body exercise technique that strengthens the deep and superficial muscles of the body, and improves flexibility and coordination.

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Sportclubs where coach provides trainings:


PĻAVNIEKI, Andreja Saharova iela 30

Group trainings
Personal training
Spacious cardio area
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