LEMON GOLD workouts are new, exclusive, trendy workouts for maximum energy output or excellent relaxation.

What awaits in
LEMON GOLD trainings?

News and exclusivity

LEMON GOLD training – the BOMB of exclusivity. Relax on Yoga and sound meditation trainings or strength your body on Madara’s Meiere’s trainings!


Play sport with a team of like-minded people – join the community and turn sport into fun!

Professional coaches

LEMON GOLD workouts are accompanied by LEMON GOLD ( 😉 ) trainers you’ll love right away

Comfortable schedule

Schedule tailored to YOU- go to LEMON GOLD for your workouts before and after work


LEMON GOLD exercises takes place at LEMON GYM Skanste and Akropole!

1 /5
1 /5

How do I get LEMON GOLD?

1 step

Purchase a LEMON GYM membership – at the time of purchase, you can choose add-ons to your membership, such as LEMON GOLD, YANGA vitaminised water etc.

PREMIUM, PREMIUM MIDI and PREMIUM FLEX memberships -50% discount – 4,99 €/month.

Already have a membership? Register for the LEMON GOLD workout straight away!

2 step

Purchase the LEMON GOLD additional service.

On the LEMON GYM self-service portal:

1) go to “Konts/Account”,
2) go to “Contract details”,
3) choose “Add additional contract”,
4) choose a group training product,
5) make payment!

3 step

Register for training! 😉

Choose your favorite

LEMON GYM offer a wide range of LEMON GOLD group training sessions. Everyone can do it here: from the physically fit to the fittest, from the young to the old, from men and boys to women and girls.