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Training with Madara Meiere

Training with Madara Meiere – a workout to feel great after!
Medium intensity full body workout with an emphasis on strengthening the whole body – deep muscles, strength and endurance.
Training with your own body weight and free weights. The training is led by Madara Meiere, with a strong belief that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body!

[CMS] Duration
[CMS] 50 min
[CMS] Calories
[CMS] 300-500 kcal
[CMS] Intensity
[CMS] Beginner to Expert
Training with Madara Meiere

Additional information

[CMS] Strength
[CMS] Cardio
[CMS] Flexibility
[CMS] Working muscles

[CMS] All muscle groups

[CMS] Equipment needed

[CMS] Comfortable, non-restrictive clothing, a small towel, and water.

[CMS] Benefits

[CMS] Better posture, and flexibility.


Sports clubs where training takes place:


SKANSTE, Grostonas iela 1

Group trainings
Personal training
Spacious cardio area