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33,99 / per Mon.


33,99 / per Mon.

Access to all 8 Lemon Gym clubs Included
Min. period of contract Info 3 mon.
Group trainings: Info Included
LEMON GOLD group trainings: Info 4,99€/mon.
YANGA vitaminized water: Info 3,49€/mon.
ROLL-SHAPER: Info 4,99€/mon.
Unlimited visit and 24/7 clubs Included
Sauna Info Included
Free membership freeze: Info 3,49€/week
Rewriting the membership to another person Info Not included
Intro training Info Not included


PREMIUM FLEX 3 months membership conditions:

The discount is valid for 3 months and after that the standard membership fee – 39.99€/month – comes into effect.

In case of early termination, the fee is €6 for each month used.

PREMIUM FLEX is indefinite period membership and are valid for an indefinite period of time. In order to terminate the indefinite period membership 30 days notice must be given by sending request of termination of contract.

Paying for a membership with an insurance policy:

If you have an ERGO, BALTA, Gjensidige, BTA or IF insurance policy, and it pays for sports services, you can also make payments for the LEMON GYM club membership with an insurance card, within the specified limit.

If you have a policy from another insurance company and it covers sports services, then we will issue all the necessary documents so that you can submit them to the insurance company and recover the money you paid.

Paying with an insurance policy is very simple.

You only need to register the card once a month at the reception of the sports club (except in Teika, Jugla, Ķengarags, Pļavnieki and Skanste clubs), by calling the Call Center at +37127275757 or writing to